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Alpina BMW D3 Bi-Turbo (2018) — pictures, information — specs

The Bi-Turbo drivetrain draws on the excellent characteristics of the underlying BMW full aluminium, straight-six 3.0 liter capacity engine with the latest generation of common rail direct injection and two-stage turbocharging with variable turbine geometry.

With the independence and freedom that small series development and manufacturing provides, ALPINA engineers have further refined the potential of the engine. The reduction of pressure losses through the optimisation and de-throttling of air intakes and air filter housings results in more power and better engine response. Combined with a corresponding adjustment of the boost and injection pressures this results in a maximum power output of 257 kW (350 hp) at 4000 rpm and an impressive 700 Nm of torque between 1500 rpm and 3000 rpm.

The output of the entire cooling management system has a decisive influence on the stability and performance of turbocharged engines. A large-volume intercooler with optimised inlets and outlets supplies the engine with sufficient air. Two radiators positioned in front of the wheel arches for ideal airflow ensure optimal operating temperatures even under peak thermodynamic loads.

The exhaust manifold is made from a high-strength alloy required for up to 50 C hotter exhaust gas temperatures associated with the high power output. The treatment of exhaust gases with a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter and a NOx catalytic converter facilitates compliance with the EU6 emission standards.

Sensitive sound application and a reduced silencer volume means the BMW ALPINA D3 Bi-Turbo’s exhaust system emits a pleasing and sporty soundtrack — especially at higher engine speeds. The stainless steel system features two elliptical twin tailpipes bearing the ALPINA and Akrapovic logos.


Adapted and tested in co-operation with ZF, the advanced 8-Speed Sport Automatic Transmission with SWITCH-TRONIC is perfectly tailored to the power and torque output of the BMW ALPINA D3 Bi-Turbo. Adapted mechatronics and a reinforced torque converter ensure that power is transmitted with maximum efficiency and comfort to the driven wheels.

The ALPINA specific software coding enable the transmission to exhibit both pronounced comfort and sportiness.

High torque at low engine rpms combined with 8 speeds offers fast gear changes in the Automatic (A) Shift Mode with no noticeable interruption to the transmission of power — effortless, relaxed and fuel efficient cruising is a pleasure. The Sport (S) Shift Mode is more dynamic, individual gears are held for longer and the shift times are significantly faster.

When using the Manual (M) Shift Mode the driver takes full control of each gear change by using the SWITCH-TRONIC buttons on the back of the steering wheel to shift up or down as required. In combination with the selection of Sport+ or DSC OFF Mode using the Drive Performance Control button the automatic up-shift function is deactivated. In this mode of operation the transmission will hold the selected gear up to maximum rpms (electronically limited) and will not automatically up-shift into the next gear. This is desirable in certain driving situations, for example during especially dynamic driving on roads with multiple tight hair-pin corners.

The BMW ECO PRO mode activates defensive transmission and accelerator parameters, which in conjunction with other BMW Efficient Dynamics functions such as Automatic Start-Stop and Sailing make a considerable contribution to reducing fuel consumption, depending on personal driving behaviour.


The chassis and suspension set-up of the D3 Bi-Turbo provides great ride-quality and comfort while simultaneously offering sharp and dynamic handling. The adaptive ALPINA sport suspension solves this conflict of interest by means of electronically adjustable dampers in collaboration with performance springs, bump stops and stabilisers. The system allows the driver to use the Drive Performance Control (Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport, Sport+) to select the suspension setting and driving dynamics to match his mood.

The 19″ ALPINA CLASSIC wheels (optionally 20″ ALPINA CLASSIC) with low profile MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S tyres, a strut brace and subtle adjustments to camber, toe-in and the elastokinematics are responsible for the neutral and predictable handling that is typical of BMW ALPINA automobiles.

New ALPINA CLASSIC 20″ forged wheels with revised, minimalistic design. A reduction in unsprung mass results in even sharper handling and precise steering and also leads to enhanced comfort.

The Drive Performance Control settings also influence other parameters which effect driving dynamics, such as the electric power steering and the driving stability control system. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) systems are specifically adapted to harmonise with the D3 Bi-Turbo’s chassis and suspension — allowing for dynamic handling characteristics and maximum safety.

The BMW Variable Sports Steering has a progressive steering rack — this ensures excellent steering stability at high speeds while the required steering input (turns of the wheel) when manoeuvring and parking are reduced by almost half.

Deceleration is taken care of by a high-performance brake system with 370 mm discs at the front and 345 mm discs at the rear. Aluminium callipers (4-piston on front axle, 2-piston on rear axle) painted in blue and with ALPINA lettering, in conjunction with high-performance pads, ensure fading stability and optimal pedal feedback.

For safe traction and balanced handling characteristics during cold months a 19″ ALPINA CLASSIC winter wheel and tyre package featuring CONTINENTAL ContiWinterContact TS 830 P winter tyres is available in the dimensions: 8 x 19″ front and 9 x 19″ rear with 245/35 R19 XL 93W M+S.


The all-wheel drive system optionally available in the D3 Bi-Turbo Touring exploits the technical potential of BMW’s xDrive system and its intelligent and dynamic distribution of drive power which continuously and fully variable distributes torque between the front and rear axle within milliseconds for maximum traction and control.

The software of the torque distribution control system, which is interconnected with the stability control and engine management system, is performance-oriented and increases driving agility and dynamics markedly — especially under lateral acceleration — while maintaining neutral handling.

Besides allowing optimum traction under acceleration by eliminating slip induced losses, the system continuously monitors a wide range of sensory inputs — for example steering angle, lateral acceleration, yaw angle and speed — to distribute torque so as to achieve maximum safety in challenging conditions or when encountering sudden changes in road surface friction.


The re-designed front of the D3 Bi-Turbo, including the LED headlights featuring the typical BMW light design, appears focussed and dynamic. The BMW kidney grill finished in chrome, along with additional design elements in the air intakes, accentuates the wide, muscular stance.

The ALPINA aerodynamic components blend seamlessly into the modern shape of the 3-Series. Their functional but understated design ensures excellent high speed stability by effectively eliminating uplift. The rear valence with updated BMW LED rear light design integrates the two elliptical twin tailpipes of the ALPINA exhaust system.

A fundamental ALPINA trademark for over forty years: the sophisticated design of the twenty spoke ALPINA CLASSIC wheel with a lockable wheel centre is principally responsible for the elegant appearance of the BMW ALPINA D3 Bi-Turbo.

Fine materials and exclusive design elements make the interior a place of well-being which is further aided by a comprehensive level of standard equipment. In addition to Sport Seats, Climate Control and Cruise Control, the D3 Bi-Turbo also features high-tech LED headlights, Park Distance Control and a Storage Package for even more comfort and safety. The new generation BMW Navigation System Multimedia Professional including industry leading connectivity services is optionally available.

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